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Stansberry’s Power Pumping Septic Service is a liquid waste disposal company based in Seymour, Tennessee. We provide services to Seymour, Knoxville and the surrounding Eastern Tennessee area. Stansberry’s specializes in septic tank cleaning, grease trap pumping and industrial and commercial vacuuming. We can also meet many other plumbing and waste disposal needs. You can always trust us to offer speedy service at affordable prices.

Stansberry’s is still run by its original founder, local entrepreneur Ken Stansberry. Ken has seen his originally small business grow into a septic company with the capacity to meet large-scale jobs and provide extensive services to many members of the surrounding community. Along with all of Stansberry’s employees, Ken continues to pride himself on combining large-scale capabilities with the same customer service typically found in a smaller scale business model.

At Stansberry’s you can expect quick, reliable, experienced and courteous service at a low rate. We are able to assist customers at their homes, businesses or industrial sites. So if you are in need of septic tank cleaning, grease trap maintenance or any other form of waste removal assistance, contact us soon and we’ll come down and have a look! We also offer drain line video to help you get to the bottom of any recurring problematic leaks or blockages.