Grease Trap Pumping

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Grease Trap Pumping - Keep It Working!

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Grease trap pumping is an essential service that prevents lasting damage to your plumbing system. Stansberry’s Power Pumping Septic Service offers grease trap pumping for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. We can service various forms of traps located outdoors or indoors and above or underground.

Grease traps are common in restaurant kitchens, as well as in some homes and industrial settings. Your grease trap works to block solid materials and grease before they enter your wastewater plumbing system. If your tanks aren’t well-maintained, checked and pumped, a floating layer of scum can form inside of your septic tank or treatment facility. In trace amounts, this scum is typically digested by microorganisms, but over time the scum can thicken, resulting in drainage clogs and sometimes even the abrupt release of untreated sewage—a situation that’s far from desirable and not too pretty to picture.

Luckily, Stansberry’s Power Pumping Septic Service is here to provide you with quick and easy grease trap pumping! Using state of the art equipment and drainage techniques, we will pump your grease trap clean of solids, grease and scum. We can provide this service at a lower cost than our competitors and ensure a speedier and more efficient job. If you select us to tend to your grease trap pumping, we guarantee you’ll have more money in your pocket and spend less time waiting for the job to be completed.

So why not call Stansberry’s today and set up a date for grease trap pumping? You can keep your utilities functioning efficiently for years to come and prevent potentially disastrous sewage leak scenarios that could result in fiscal losses, government fines and even health problems. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!