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zoning ordinances. Excess septic waste can leave you liable for expensive repairs and even threaten the health of your family. But these risks can be easily mitigated with Stansberry’s variety of septic tank services. We offer regularly scheduled septic tank inspections, recommended annual septic tank cleanings, and septic system replacement and repair.

Stansberry’s beats the competition by combining excellent customer service and a knowledgeable, skilled staff with a top-of-the-line fleet of waste removal vehicles and equipment to give your septic system the care it needs to preserve the value of your home and the health of your family. Along with affordable regular inspections, Stansberry’s offers septic tank cleaning and waste removal services that will preserve your septic system for years to come. Why wait? Schedule your first appointment today!

While regular maintenance is highly encouraged and necessary for any septic system, Stansberry’s realizes that sometimes a septic tank cleaning will not solve the problem. That’s why we offer septic system replacement services. Our highly-trained staff will assess the situation and partner with you to ensure your concerns are being met throughout the process and our prices are competitive with anyone in the area. That’s why Stansberry’s continues to be the go-to septic firm in the greater Knoxville area.

Stanberry’s doesn’t stop at residential septic tank cleanings, however. We can meet any other cleaning demand in all types of commercial and industrial settings. No matter what the size of the job, our staff will work with you to make sure you are completely satisfied throughout the process. From the smallest residential household tank to the largest commercial or industrial septic waste removal, Stanberry’s offers affordable rates and will save you money with our industry-leading inventory of waste removal equipment. For all of your septic tank cleaning needs, we’re the ones to call!